Fit your choice and your reasons

My poor English ver.

 Hello, this is Mayo.
Did you read my blog and choose your one life crockery in your mind?
This time, I’m going to write a more detailed way how can we imagine our passion from our one life crockery.
If you didn’t read former blog or forgot about that, I recommend to read it.

 For example, I chose the gratin-dish.

 And the reasons are mainly below.
1: The usefulness (It’s made for making cuisine inside of that. )
2: The simpleness (We can imagine that shape or color. )
3: The history (It’s said that in 19th century gratin is named from the French word. )

 These reasons directly display what I want to do in my life.
1: I like to reduce my job for doing anything.
2: I want to find the rule which is applicable to as many.
3: I tend to concern about the process how it became well known.

 Please remind that it’s not my purpose to talk you into choosing same.
“Your choice and your reasons” the set is the most important.

Of course, your choice would change if your reasons have changed.

However, that satisfaction won’t change when your choice and what you want to do become same one.
How about you?
Did your one life crockery show what you want to do in your life?

Thank you for your reading.

Dear you