One crockery one life

My poor English ver.

 Hello, this is Mayo.

It’s a little sudden, but how do you choose your crockery to buy?

(1) By the design? (for example: the color or shape)

(2) By the size? (for example: the capacity or storage)

(3) By what it’s made of? (for example: wood or glass)

(4) By the price? (for example: disposable or traditional )

 I guess that a lot of people choose almost all of them depending on the occasion.

(1) “Because it’s enough for daddy’s or doggy’s! — Plastlic bowl.”

(2) “Because I’m using this to lose my weight. — Small lunch box.”

(3) “Because kids can feel relaxed by touching wood. — Morning wood plate”

(4) “Because I need Japanese souvenir for my friend. — Arita-yaki plate”

 Even if you don’t know well about crockery, you will be able to imagine these points unconsciously.

And you will get crockery one after another because there are tremendous opportunity in your whole life.

In other words, we might be able to say that the relations you want to maintain in the future make your crockery collection.

 There are so so many crockery in this world and the collection varies from person to person.
I don’t want to make clear that your collection is good or bad. That’s not my point.
I only want to think about the “sub way”.
This time, that’s “Which crockery will you choose, if you can’t have more than one in your daily life?”
By this way, the chosen crockery will show your eagerness. I think so.

 “What is your passion?”
This question will be more difficult to answer than choosing your only one life crockery.
Someone may hesitate to declare it.
However, fewer people will hesitate to declare your only one life crockery.

 Of course, you don’t have to spend such an inconvenient life.
I’m so happy if this way helps you slightly to find your milestone.
I will choose the gratin-dish as my only one life crockery.
The reason why will be written at someday.

Thank you for your reading

Dear you