Why don’t you eat steaks?

My poor English ver.

 Hello. This is Mayo.

 This time, I’ll write about livestock meat.

In 2019, one of Japanese cabinet ministers was critisised for his coment “I hope to eat steaks everyday” by Japanese major medias or specialists.
They said “eating beef is bad for the environment” with introducing the no meat action of British or USA.

When I heard that, I really feel “please don’t spoil the effort to make the environment better”.

 I know that thinking about environmental problems are popular in these days.
However, I never understand about the reason why some people say that to stop eating livestock meat is the best answer.

Do they know the other better ways to use meat for the environment?

I don’t think so.
I feel that they are only taking easier way for themselves.

We should not throw away meat as we should not waste energy for the environmet.

 My point is that the change without consuming current livestocks efficiently must be worse.

They often say that making meat makes water polution, methane-gas release or waste of crops or fuel.

So why is it, they don’t say “We should eat livestocks right now to reducd those bad effects as possible” ,but they only say “We should reduce eating meat”?

Do you know about that?

 Thank you for your reading.

 Dear you