Who am I

My poor English ver.

 Please call me “Mayo” as my name.

I live in Japan but the prefectures I had been changed many times.

Few years ago, I didn’t have my only room.

I stayed at Japanese internet cafes for about one month.

I was happy because I had a nice job at that time.

Such a experiences in which I could feel that I met my needs are the engine of this blog.

 I tend not to mind foods, rooms or addresses.

Anytime, what I do is the only thing in my mind.

In my thinking, my life is really wealthy because I don’t need more beside that.

Of course, it seems to depend on person to person.

The purpose of this blog is also to understand different person’s thinking.

 Nowadays, we can easily take tremendous amount of information or services in our whole lives.

I guess that we easily have a dream that we can do anything.

For example, about 50 years have passed since many people were convinced to be over the sky in the future.

In spite of that, most of us are still on the earth for now.

I assume that the reason is the dream’s diversification.

In many occations, people’s dreams are not same and I feel that the gradation between similarities become more important.

I wonder if I could introduce that diversification even if it contains points I don’t recommend.

I hope that you can feel wealthy life by thinking about many dreams with me.