Real men use non-woven masks? I use neck gaiter.

My poor English ver.

 Hello, this is Mayo.
This winter has began in the Northern hemisphere.
Along with this, here are more and more COVID-19 patients again.
Do you use the face mask when you go outside?

 In Japan, the goverment provided two masks for everyone from this spring.
They are called “Abenomask” which was named with Abe Shinzo who had been the PM at that time.
They’re free and we can wash them to use everyday.

 However, Japanese TVs and newspapers claim that only few people are using them and they were wast of money.
Someone even gets angry for that “the people who use Abenomask are flattering Abe”.
I don’t feel so because, it’s irony, many of his subordinaries didn’t use them when they were doing their jobs with him.

 For me, “Abenomask” are worthy things.
I’m using one of them and washing it everyday from the day when I got them.
The reason why I’m writing this is that I guess I use it better than anyone.
I use it as a washable filter in my neck gaiter.

With normal way, the filter is the disposable one.

They say that it can protects from particulate matters 2.5.
It is not cheap but should be disposable to avoid infection.
Some reviewers also say that it’s hard to breathe with the normal filter.
So I feel that the neck gaiter and “Abenomask” are the best combination.

 Many reasons why they don’t use “Abenomask” are mainly these.
(1) It’s size is too small.
(2) Disposable masks are more useful.
(3) Non-woven mask are safer to avoid infection.
(4) They can get more fashionable handmade masks.

 With my way, all of them are possible to be cleared depending on the situation.
(1) It’s the just size to put in the neck gaiter.

(2) When you can’t get disposable masks again or it gets dirty, it can work again with washing at there.
(3) When you are running, neck gaither can fit with your face better than non-woven masks.
(4) If you can get your favorite neck gaiters.

 Unfortunately, I’m not good at making handmade goods.
So I can’t tell you how to make it but if you are good at, why don’t you try it?
I hope that neck gaithers become more popular like a “Apex Legends”.

Thank you for your reading.
Dear you