Acupressure points

My poor English ver.

 Hello. This is Mayo.

 Do you know any acupressure points or use them in your daily life?

I often use “迎香(Geiko)” and “魚腰(Gyoyo)” for myself.

Because my nose and eyes are over working and exhausted easily.

Especially the winter season, the cold and dry air attacks my nose or indoor lives make my eyes fixed on the monitor.

 There are so many acupressure points on our body.

Many of them are possible to be pressed by yourself with your fingers.

If you want to press the acupressure points which are out of your reach or stimulate with the needle or the heat, you should see a professional.

 For example:

If you also have a stuffy nose, Geiko will be one of the best acupressure points.

If you also have an eye strain, Gyoyo will be one of the best accupressure points.

 The reason why I recommend these is the safety of the place and the naturality of the action.

Some acupressure points are on the dangerous place when we are moving.

So you should try from these safer place first.

And they seem that you’re only massaging yourself but they’re more effective than doing randomly.

This way means that the human can use our fingers as good as control our body.

I think that the knowledge to understand the mechanism and skillful fingers are the major characters of the human.

Why don’t you use them?

 Thank you for your reading.

 Dear you