Internet from an electric outlet!?

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Have you ever been heard about “PLC-adaptor”?
This time, I’ll introduce this.
Unfortunately, this is not popular for now in Japan.

“Power-line communication (also known as power-line carrier or PLC) carries data on a conductor that is also used simultaneously for AC electric power transmission or electric power distribution to consumers.”
From Wikipedia

 So, by using this technique, we can use our electric wires not only to provide AC current but also to conect devices to the Internet.
Especially in Japan, I guess that “HD-PLC-adaptor” is the latest one.

“HD-PLC (short for High Definition Power Line Communication) is the technology standard of wired communication using high frequency band over wired medium including powerlines, phone lines, twisted-pair, and coaxial cables. It is the IEEE 1901-based standard.”
From Wikipedia

 Anyway, we can transfer information as possible to conect PC, PlayStaion or so to the Internet with these.
However, the benefit to use this technique is very limited.
The reasons why they don’t become popular for now are mainly below.

1: The situations where both direct cable and wireless LAN are not allowed are quite rare.

2: Direct cable or wireless LAN will be needed between the PLC-adaptor and devices or between the another PLC-adaptor and the provider which is connected to the outside Internet.

3: Other electric devices on the same wiring network give bad effects to the speed of PLC.

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