My poor English ver.

 Hi, I’m Mayo.
Have you ever heard about the way to cancel the pushed buttons in elevator?
Thre are some ways to avoid being used for silly.
In Japan, some elevators have the cancelation with mainly below ways.

(1) “Double tapping”
I guess that the most famous way is this. Active button will be inactive by being double tapped.

(2) “Automatic cancelation”
Smarter elevators will cancel the pushed buttons automatically without execution when no one is in the room.

 Of course these depend on the types of the machines but you might prevent time loss with these.
And I can imagine that these ways might also change prevalent scenes in action movies or detective novels.

(1) “When they are in a hurry”
If someone tapped button again and again in a hurry or with fighting, he would repeat his order and cancelation nevertheless with saying “hurry hurry!”.

(2) “When they want to send something to another floor”
If someone tried to send bomb to another floor, he would have to cut the wire like the scene in “THE MATRIX”.

 Elevator scenes are often used in horrible or funny movies.
I think the reason is some people feel that elevator sometimes work with unpredictable moving.
I hope that you can control your feeling in the elevator by having a plenty of time.

Thank you for reading.

Yours sincerely