For the first time

About this blog (概要)

Hello. I’m Mayo. I’m writing this blog to introduce “sub ways” which means additional usage. If you want to know about subway stations, fast food “SUBWAY” and musical artists “The Subways”, it can’t be your help. I’m sorry about that. And I’m so sorry for my poor English writing, but I hope that my English words could tell you my thinking better than google’s direct translation.

In these days, we can get many many things and use them in our daily life. There are some things which were made only for specific usage. For example: Kindle, camping tools, gaming controllers and so on ….

Frankly to say, I love those gadgets and ideas. However, my Japanese small room has its limits. And I’m forced to reduce or arrange them in my daily life. At that time, I wonder if these things could play other rolls? Do “sub ways” have any kinds of advantages and disadvantages? I want to share these points in this blog.

Please pay attention about that I won’t force you to use “sub ways”. Of course, it’s my pleasure if you feel better about those ideas, but I’m also happy if you have a chance to remind the importance of major usages. Please let me know if there are any points that you notice about.

Dear you