This way may change the time shifting.

My poor English ver.

 Hello. This is Mayo.
Do you like podcast programs?
In Japan, there are some web radio programs limited to podcasts and the others make up for the absence from the real-time (for example: the AM/FM radio, the TV or the others) with time shifting.

 Do you know that Amazon music has started to handle podcasts service?
In Japan, 17th Sep in 2020 was the first date.
And many programs have been registered day after day.
If you have some favorite podcast programs, why don’t you check the Amazon music?

 Especially, I guess that someone uses the spotify to listen to podcasts.
I had also used the spotify only for listening to podcasts but I use the Amazon music now.
I heard that one of the Japanese podcast personalities could feel the people’s moving: listeners with the spotify become fewer while listeners with Amazon music become more. Of course, they won’t be zero but that movements are meaning that not few people can find the merit.

 The podcasts service from Amazon music gave me little but big change in my daily life.
How about you?

Thanks for your reading.
Dear you